A Sport that Unites Nation!

Cricket is one of the most popular forms of sports in our country. We, at RTSE initiated our maiden journey with the REPL CUP T20 Cricket League played at the Paarth Centre for Excellence in Cricket (PCEC), Lucknow every year. This initiative gave teenagers from our society, their first break to hone their skills and emerge as the budding stars of tomorrow. The pace bowler of Indian Cricket team, R.P. Singh & master spinner Harbajan Singh visited the Center at occasions to share their experience with the students of the academy. They also interacted one-to-one with the trainees and gave tips to improve their technique. The academy also had opportunity to play in the matches organized by the Bollywood star and cricket enthusiast Sunil Shetty.

“RTSE initiated its maiden journey with the most popular form of sports in our country.”

Global Exposure:

Through International Tour!

Pitching our purpose on this grand platform also paves the way to add many more sporting initiatives in the future. One such historical step was REPL Cup organized by the RTSE in 2015, giving opportunity to 2000+ children. Top 15 performers of the tournament led to formation of Paarth Cricket Club (PCC), who were sent to play 8 county matches in London and Staffordshire and also visited Lords, the Mecca of Cricket. Our team also got a chance to play with Australian and South African Teams which helped them understand international level competitive challenges and professionalism.

“15 Member Team sent to London (UK) for playing county matches.”


To succeed in any endeavour, one needs the right resources. RTSE follows the same philosophy in engaging its players in various confidence level activities, providing latest technology, required fitness infrastructure and expert guidance by qualified trainers for their all-round development enabling them to reach their goals.

Key Features at RTSE are-

1. Confidence Building Activities
  • BCCI Certified Coaches
  • Fully-Operational Stadium for Practice
  • Cricket Tour & Competitions
  • Individual Attention on Batting & Bowling Skills
  • One-to-One Coaching
  • Match Simulations
  • Club Training/Playing
2. Right Technology & Strategy
  • Bowling Machine
  • Open Net Practice
  • Performance Analytics
  • Bowling Pre-habilitation
  • Tactics
  • Fielding Coaching
3. Physical & Mental Fitness
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Weight & Core
  • Speed Endurance
  • Low Impact Cardio
  • Nutrition
  • Mental Approach
  • Injury Prevention & Recovery