From the Chairman’s Desk


Pradeep Misra
Chairman, RTSE

Welcome to our world! Where, humble efforts meet hard work and dreams meet dedication. Yes, we, at the RTSE are committed to enrich the society, in our own unique way. Our endeavour to create an all-inclusive platform connects us to thousands of dreams that sparkle thousands of young and tender eyes. We believe they have a dream and the potential to realize it. They have the will but their way is elusive. They are potentially talented youngsters and their present is not promising enough for their future. All they need to break-free is thoughtful handholding and the right platform, to help overcome challenges and rise above the ordinary.

This is where RTSE steps in to lead such youngsters towards a horizon of hope and success. I understand the immense responsibility of our members and associates, and congratulate each one of them for being a part of it. Keeping in mind the expansive natures of this platform and the noble intent that sustains it, I extend my best wishes to all associated with the organization and its activities.

“This task is formidable and to accomplish it, we strive to bring all stakeholders and influencers on one platform to collaborate meaningfully towards one common goal of providing education & sports training to youth with potential.”