Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”
-Michael Jordan

RTSE always strives to expose its players to various local, state and national level tournaments to build up their confidence, help them understand the competition and scaling them to a better level of professionalism in them.

RTSE also hosted the 5th Edition of esteemed International Cricket Premier League organized by City Montessori School in 2019. The league saw participation from school teams of many countries. Our team played with Australian and South African Teams which helped them understand the competitiveness and professionalism of international standards.

TAB 1 – Winning Streak:

1. REPL Crusaders– Winner – Surya Cricket Trophy 2019
2. REPL Crusaders – Winner – 2ndGursharan Kaur Shahni Memorial Cricket Tournament 2019
3. REPL Crusaders – Winner – Bansal Trophy 2019
4. REPL Crusaders – Winner – 2nd Smt. Leela Ghosh U-25 Memorial Cricket Tournament 2019
5. REPL Crusaders – Winner – Ranjana Singh U-16 Cricket Tournament 2018
6. REPL Crusaders – Finalist – 15thBabu Banarsi Das ‘B’ Cricket League 2018-19
7. REPL Crusaders – Finalist – 15th Shamsul Hasan Shamsi Cricket Trophy 2019
8. Paarth Cricket Club (PCC) – Winner – 15thBabu Banarsi Das ‘D’ Cricket League 2018-19
9. Paarth Cricket Club (PCC) – Finalist – 3rd Ramchandra Sharma Memorial Cricket Tournament 2019
(Team Photograph with Trophy on left and Caption)
TAB 2 – Star Performers:

1. Kritagya Singh–Man of the Series–Surya Cricket Trophy 2019
2. Manjeet Yadav – Man of the Series- 3rd Ramchandra Sharma Memorial Cricket Tournament 2019
3. Kritagya Singh – Man of the Series – 2nd Gursharan Kaur Shahni Memorial Cricket Tournament 2019
4. Priyanshu Shrivastava – Best Batsman – Surya Cricket Trophy 2019
5. Apratim Tiwari – Best Bowler – 3rd Ramchandra Sharma Memorial Cricket Tournament 2019

TAB 3 – REPL Cups:

One of the historical steps taken by RTSE was REPL Cup organized in 2015, giving opportunity to 2000+ children. Top 15 performers of the tournament led to formation of Paarth Cricket Club (PCC), who were sent to play 8 county matches in London and Staffordshire and also visited Lords, the Mecca of Cricket.

REPL Cup’s 2nd Edition was organized in 2016 which was even bigger than the 1st Edition organized in 2015. This edition was conducted in two parts. In the first one, young players from various urban and rural areas were selected through trials to form 8 Cricket Clubs and the tournament was played among these 8 teams.

The second part was REPL Cup – Corporate Cricket League in which 8 Esteemed Corporate Teams – Airtel, Tata Consultancy Services, Vodafone, Hero Group, Punjab National Bank, HDFC Bank, Telenor and Live India played a tournament of 15 Matches.

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(These two tabs will highlight the winner of the tournament in the respective edition followed by few photographs of the respective edition; 2016 will be default tab opened)