About REPL Sports

REPL Sports has the singular agenda of bringing ‘sports’ at the centre stage of everyone’s lifestyle. We want to inspire and facilitate people’s shift from drawing-room confined recreation activities to real classic sports tradition in-ground, in-stadium and in-club activities. Sports, where there is physical activity as well as real interaction with other people which gives us physical fitness, emotional fulfilment and fosters a sense of comradery. Involvement in sports increases our real social circle, creates cherished memories and builds few lifetime friendships. In sports, you win something every time, even if you lose a game.


Cricket Training

RTSE started its maiden journey with the Most Popular Sport in India. It created a set-up of Latest Technology, BCCI Certified Coaches and Excellent Sporting & Fitness Infrastructure to enable the youngsters in the academy excel in this sport. Few Key Features of RTSE’s Cricket Academy are One-to-One Coaching, Match Simulations, Bowling Machine, Performance Analytics, Fitness Trainer, Speed Endurance and Injury Prevention & Recovery.

Karate & Self-Defence Training

Self-Defence, especially for women and children, is of utmost importanc in the kind of world we live in today. Keeping this in mind, RTSE has ventured into Karate & Self-Defence in which, it aims to teach candidates with various self-defence techniques to develop their confidence, sense of security and protect them from unforeseen dangers.

Team Achievements

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